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About Us

California Air Freshener Co of London imports and distributes California Scents’ household and automotive air fresheners. Bringing these wonderful products to the UK and Europe just makes 'scents'!

About California Scents

In 1993, a new idea in air fresheners began surfacing in the Southern California area, featuring fragrances such as Laguna Breeze and Coronado Cherry and packaged in little recyclable aluminium cans. This new idea called California Scents began to catch on.

First distributed in wicker baskets to local businesses by the company founder, Linda Doppes (always accompanied by at least one of her golden retrievers), California Scents’ reputation for quality quickly grew–as did popular demand. Soon the wicker basket gave way to the assortment display. Each display contains an ever-changing assortment of old favourites and new scent sensations. The display and assortment have revolutionised the way retailers sell air fresheners and greatly increased customer choice and availability.

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